Fire Flex 125mm (5″) – 316 grade solid fuel liner (various lengths)

316-flue-6-inch-600x600 Fire Flex 125mm (5") - 316 grade solid fuel liner (various lengths)


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Product Description

Solid fuel flexible liner is used to reline masonry chimney stacks. Ensuring that all gasses, smoke and products of combustion are extracted from your chimney safely and efficiently. This liner is constructed of a very durable and highly flexible twin skin. The inner layer is smooth to help prevent the build-up of debris. The outer layer is corrugated, protecting the inner layer from damage during installation. 904 grade stainless steel is used to manufacture this product, which is suitable for burning cured dry logs, cured dry peat, coal, coke or gas. This liner is also suitable for use with condensing appliances. 904 grade stainless steel provides a high resistance to corrosion, resulting in a long product life

Additional Information

Flue liner length

5M, 7M, 10M, 12M, 15M

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