Colt cowl natural

colt-cowl-natural Colt cowl natural


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1.0mm aluminium
Easy fixing with tried and tested hook bolts
No tools required to fit
Withstands flue temperatures up to 200 degrees celsius
Maintenance free
285mm height, width 310mm
One size fita all flue sizes between 150-250mm
Steel hook bolts electro plated

Product Description

The Colt Cowl is the very first ever commercially successful mass market anti downdraught chimney cowl. First manufactured by Colt in 1931, over 3 million Colt Cowls have  been sold with success and installed in the last 80 years. This item has stood the trial of time is still prominent with numerous installers today as it has a demonstrated reputation of reducing downdraught by using aerodynamic principles to create lift at the top of the chimney as air moves over it


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